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Lead Generation is perhaps the most important aspect to your company when selling a product or service. At thinkfast digital we provide various ways to generate high quality leads to optimise your sales. Our Local Leads wizards will help you generate up to 40 leads a month no matter the trade!


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of pushing organic traffic to the site via the Google search engine. Optimising your SEO results in your company ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

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One of the most popular ways to generate leads is through sponsored ads. Through sponsored ads you can direct posts or stories to your target audience which can be a specific age, demographic or interest.



Fail to achieve a conversion? We got you covered with email marketing. Using an Email marketing platform we will build out your email flows and campaigns and send out to your customers.


Funnel Building

Converting Leads can be hard we know that, that’s why at thinkfast digital we spend a considerable amount of time building out your funnel so when traffic hits the site you are getting the maximum amount of sales.

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To make sure that no spend goes to waste we analyse the data closely so you are always benefiting from marketing spend.



Keeping on top of your social media content is vital to building awareness for your brand as you have to keep your followers engaged with your account through the content you post


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